Easy Payday Loan!

Easy Loan?

Easy Loan?

Watch out for the punches! Walking through the streets, in the mailbox or on the internet we are always faced with offers of credit for payday loan. Some companies offer credit without any consultation with credit protection agencies such as the SPC and Hasau, and announce that the release of credit is quick and without bureaucracy. Can you even believe in the easy payday loan offer that these companies offer, or can it be a scam? Stay tuned to our tips and do not get stuck!

When you are looking for a loan and the company asks you for an advance before granting you the requested amount, open your eye, this is the first indication that it can be an act of estelionato! Serious companies and operations authorized by the competent financial institutions (Central Bank) work with contracts that guarantee the rights and duties of the two parties, and will never ask you to make any cash advance before you receive your loan.

One tip to avoid falling into a bored when it comes to hiring an easy payday loan, is that you personally go to a financial or bank agency to carry out the hiring. Avoid closing deals by phone, even if they give you names and CNPJ that would be the company. Some stalwarts use data from serious companies to apply scams and make it difficult for the wronged person to find out until it’s too late.

Also, avoid passing numbers or copying your documents by email or FAX. They can be used in future frauds of people of bad nature and who are in their possession, and can cause problems between you and justice. Serious companies will ask for your original documents, and possibly a certified copy to be delivered personally when you are to complete the loan appraisal application.

To make sure that the company where you intend to make the request is really suitable and will not commit any type of fraud, you can count on the help of the SIC – Citizen Information Service of the Central Bank. By contacting this central you can consult the legitimacy of the company that is offering you the credit and verify if it even has the authorization of the Central Bank to carry out this type of operation.

Be smart, there is no loan without consultations or totally no bureaucracies outside the banking environment. After all, who is going to lend money without making sure to get it back? Get all your questions before hiring the easy payday loan, talk to people who have already contracted this service with the company in question, contact the Central Bank of Brazil, anyway… Do what you can to avoid falling into bored, and we hope these tips we’ve just presented will help you make the best choice!

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