Loan Anticipation 13th salary

Loan for anticipation 13th salary 

Loan for anticipation 13th salary 

Thirteenth is the joy of every worker in the end, this extra money comes in handy, especially as the end of the year personal costs skyrocket. You do not have to wait until the end of the year to start the 13th salary, if you have a tight budget, for example, you can anticipate it.

To get extra money off occasion you have two great options: the anticipation of the 13th salary or the advance of the restitution of the Income Tax. The interest on these operations is very low, we can even compare it with a much-requested modality in the financial system, the payroll loan.

The interest rates on the advance of the 13th salary or advance of the restitution of the Income Tax and the payroll loan are practically the same, and among the cheapest loan lines, rates vary from 2.1% to 3.5 % per month. If compared to overdraft, credit limit and credit card then give a ball, these beleaguered lines usually apply up to 7.89% – 10.99% and 18% respectively.

In the payroll discount the biggest reason for the low rates is the facility that the bank has to receive the installments every month, the salary is the loan guarantee. As for the 13th salary, the loan is repaid as soon as the money is deposited by the company. 

It is worth mentioning that the 13th salary is a right guaranteed to every worker with a formal contract signed within the CLT norms, the only problem in this operation is if the employee is dismissed from the company, although this action does not represent a greater risk for the banks that grant this modality.

Banks and financial institutions know that these lines of credit offer low delinquency, combined with consumption is a near perfect formula. To reach those interested in the loan to anticipate the 13th salary, banking institutions often make offers in the media and media.

Usually the interest charged on the loans for anticipation is discounted from the amount made available. A quick and easy way to get approval easy is to apply for the down payment if the salary is already received at the lender. Check with the bank where you get your salary if it is possible to get money from this credit line.

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