Negative salary loans

For salaried employees …

” First of all, ask at your company’s HR department if they have an accredited loan bank even if they are not. “Personal loans can be very confusing sometimes, especially when you need one. It is very easy to get stuck in all the jargon and languages ​​used and end up committing to something that you may not fully understand. That’s why we decided to give you a hand telling everything we know and how things are working.

What is a Personal Loan for Negative?

What is a Personal Loan for Negative?

First – a personal loan for negative is actually a loan for individuals, no matter which mode of credit you are included. Well, with that kind of loan, you can borrow money without having to offer any assets as collateral. Simply put, loans for salaried employees is an agreement made in good faith between the lender and the debtor. The financiers have lent you money on the basis that you agree to return it within the timeframe you promised to repay.

Unlike a “restricted name loan, a secured loan,” it means that you are lending money using your property as collateral – for example, your home, your car, etc. This basically means that if you can not repay your loan, the lender takes possession of your asset (in this example, your home or vehicle).

Even if a salaried loan does not require you to offer any collateral, except for checks or promissory note signing (in some cases), the lender has the legal right to recover your money in some way if you are unable to effect payments. This may mean that the lender may wish to take you to the registry office, in addition to sending your name to the SPC and Serasa list. Your credit report will get even worse.

Why Choose Negative Loans?

Why Choose Negative Loans?

A personal loan is usually a flexible way to get some borrowed money with dirty name or clean name, which a credit card by itself could not offer in front of the amounts intended. It is also a good option if you do not own your own home, vehicle, but are retired, pensioner, civil servant or military.

Restricted personal loans, with the exception of (payroll loan and secured loan), are typically for amounts of small amounts, usually between R $ 300 – R $ 10,000. A good feature is that lenders usually establish structured payment plans; in most cases, you will choose the period in which you will repay the loan.

Am I a salaried loan applicant?

Am I a salaried loan applicant?

It all depends on you or the company you work for. In this loan transaction you are not offering any collateral in exchange for money unless you are fit to make a payroll deduction, otherwise lenders tend to be more demanding about how they will lend money – after all, they want it all back plus interest. Even in the negative loan you need basic requirements for approval:

  • Living in a house for a minimum time – fixed address
  • Be employed for at least 1 year – with registration or functional
  • Being like the regular CPF in Federal Revenue
  • Possess active current bank account
  • Be of age – over 18 years

Then lenders will see that you have a means of repaying the loan. Lenders may vary the interest rate depending on the amount of money you want to borrow, so you may find that borrowing a little more than you really need will give a better rate. Be careful with this, there are other fees that also increase according to the amount, the IOF for example.

Compare and find your loan to negative employee, in the site you find some sponsors. Now that we have clarified some important information, we hope that you will find your loan even if you are restricted.

You will have a better idea if it is right for you by comparing different offers. If it is you will find out. The good news is that you can start comparing personal loan the easy way, let’s do all the hard work by creating content and showing serious and competent companies so that all you have to do is start planning how to use the extra money.

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