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We understand direct payday loans allow you to get fast and easy money, between 15 minutes and 48 hours depending on the type of credit, with a simple application process, usually online and with hardly any paperwork. Within the quick credits, we can find several types, focused on different purposes.

The main reason why the direct lender payday loans in a loans site are online is because of the possibility of being able to automate all the processes without having to be in office hours and being able to give us an answer in just a few minutes.

Types of quick loans we can hire

The options to get urgent money today are the most varied thanks to the application of technology in their processes, allowing record response times. We show you the different types of quick credits you can go to and their characteristics:

Type of credit Who offers it? features
Quick mini-credits Private businesses
  • Small amounts
  • Average cost of 1.1% daily
  • No commissions
Quick credits Private businesses
  • Higher amounts (up to € 5,000)
  • Average cost between 2% and 5% per month
  • Different purposes
Pre-granted loans Banks
  • Amount depending on the client
  • Different offers up to 0% APR
  • Requires being a customer of the bank
Credit lines Banks and EFC
  • From 200 to 5,000 euros
  • Price of 2-5% per month
  • You only pay for what you use
Consumer loans Large commercial areas
  • Amount dependent on establishment
  • Possible offers
  • On-site financing

Depending on the financing need we have and our ability to borrow, it will be more advisable to go to one type of quick credit or another.

How long do fast credits take to be granted?

How long do fast credits take to be granted?

The great advantage of signing an immediate credit, and specifically if we request a mini credit, is that we can have the money in our account within minutes of having made the request.

However, there are times when quick money can take up to two business days to reach our account. This is due to the time in which the transfer becomes effective. Although the transfers between the same banks are immediate, those that are made between accounts of different banks take more time.

We should know that mini fast loans are not banks, so they use banking institutions to be able to operate and transfer the money easily and quickly to their clients. But as they do not have accounts open in all banks, it can happen that if our account and that of the lender are not of the same entity, the money takes longer to arrive.

To get the money quickly and without delay, it is best to go to the entities that have accounts in our bank, so the transfers will be immediate. In Professor Moriarty’s free guide we explain how we can get the money as quickly as possible thanks to the little tricks that we can apply at the time of choosing the entity.

Do you need money urgently and do not know how long it will take? Discover how to get the money in your account in minutes

With the new free guide of Professor Moriarty you will learn:

  • Why your mini credit can take between minutes and days to transfer the money
  • On what bank transfers depend
  • How long will the money be depending on your bank
  • How to make the money from your mini credit arrive immediately

Give us your e-mail and we will send you completely free the guide prepared by Professor Moriarty’s experts on all the tricks you need to know so that the money transfer of your mini credit is immediate.

When should I apply for a quick credit?

Quick loans are an alternative to obtain urgent money at specific moments. Their speed of concession makes them a very requested option for certain purposes. But it will not always be appropriate to hire them, but this will vary depending on our solvency, purpose and profile.

When should I go to a mini-credit?

  1. To solve any unforeseen
  2. When we need the money in less than 24 hours
  3. If we need an amount less than 1,000 euros

And when not?

  1. If we need more than a month to return the money
  2. If we are required to request more than 1,000 euros
  3. If our need is recurrent

When should I go for a quick credit?

  1. When we have a unforeseen event of greater amount
  2. If we need more than a mini-credit amount
  3. We prefer to return the money in comfortable installments

And when not?

  1. If we need a higher amount
  2. If we can get a cheaper personal loan
  3. If our need is recurrent

Where can we contract a quick credit online

Where can we contract a quick credit online

Banks continue to be the main option among Spaniards for the convenience offered by doing so in a well-known entity and the few paperwork to be delivered to the client already, although speed is not always his strong point. For now, the only way to obtain quick bank loans is to be clients of a bank with a certain age and income domiciled. Without the link or the necessary seniority to have some data to analyze, we will take more time to obtain bank financing and it will be impossible for us to access the so-called pre- granted loans.

In cases where we need quick money without questions and without having a seniority in an entity, it is possible to go to private financial entities that usually offer quick money without having to be a previous client or have a connection. These private equity entities are the most suitable for quick money, since their main objective is to offer an agile service to their clients.

Contract urgent loans online step by step

Getting fast online loans without papers is already more common than we think thanks to the advance of new technologies, its application to the application processes and the new regulation that allows remote signing. Each entity will have its own steps to follow, although the vast majority usually follow the following:

  1. Choose the amount and the term. While it is true that we all know how much money we urgently need, the truth is that it is always advisable to use the simulators of the lenders’ web pages to know how much we will pay in total according to the amount and the term that we choose.

  2. Fill out the online form with the personal and economic data requested. With this information, the entity will be able to analyze if our profile meets the required requirements.

  3. The entities will ask us to send the pertinent documentation and thus be able to carry out the necessary verifications. Verifying the documents can give us the final approval.

  4. Read and sign the contract. Together with the approval you will send us an email with the fast online credit agreement. We must read it carefully and, if we are satisfied with the clauses, sign it and send it back.

  5. Once the lender receives the signed contract, the contract will be formalized. Then the entity will give the order of transfer of the urgent money to the account that we have detailed and the term of the loan will begin.

So that the loans in 24 hours are so fast, the requests are made completely online. This implies that the submission of the documentation and the signing of the contract will also be through the Internet. Although this does not always happen and you will have to go to the office.

Is it possible to get quick loans without interest?

Yes Thanks to the increase in the supply of immediate loans, competition between entities has become stronger and we can find many banks that allow us to get fast loans without interest. Depending on the characteristics of each type of financing, the offer of interest-free loans will vary.

  • Free mini-credit offers for free have no interest, commissions or links. They are usually intended for new clients who have never requested a quick mini-loan with that entity and the maximum amount they can access is 300 euros to be repaid in 30 days.

  • Free fast personal loans of large amounts of money are not so common, only some entities offer them for very specific purposes such as scholarship advances or financing the card.

    • Not always quick loans without interest are free. This is because when we talk about quick loans without interest, but these credits have commissions and additional expenses that do not make them completely free.

To see how a loan without interest is not always free in the following table we can see two examples of loans. Sometimes, quick credit without interest can come even more expensive than another loan with interest, but without other associated costs.

Examples Example A Example B
Capital € 6,000 € 6,000
Interest 0% 7%
commissions Opening 3% € 0
Links € 120 / year € 0
Term 12 months 12 months
Share € 525 € 519
Total 6,300 € 6,229


In this example we can see that not always the loan without interest will be the cheapest, although according to the offer, the cost of each will vary and the option that comes out cheaper does not have to be one or the other always. Equally the best way to compare is by performing several simulations according to the amount and the term that interests us and with different loans to know which of them will have a lower total cost.

Security measures when contracting fast loans online

Security measures when contracting fast loans online

Getting fast online credits is safe thanks to all the security protocols and regulations that must be met in order to offer these products through the Internet. But in the network we can find swindles and illegitimate quick loans. Luckily, knowing how to differentiate between the two is very easy considering some parameters:

  • NEVER send money in advance. It is the most common form of deception. It consists of alleged lenders who promise to grant us a loan, but they ask us to pay the formalization fees in advance so that, after receiving the money from that commission, they disappear. The legitimate fast loans will NEVER ask us to send any kind of payment.

    • If you ask us for money in advance, we should look at whether it is an intermediary or an alleged lender trying to deceive us.
  • You CAN NOT take us out of Financial Credit Institutions. This is the most common deception, since people in Financial Credit Institutions have more difficulty finding financing by appearing in these files and end up going to “lesser known” companies that promise them impossible due to the refusal of other lenders to approve their application.

    • His modus operandi is to tell us that they can grant us the credit, but not being in Financial Credit Institutions, so they offer to take us out of the file in exchange for costs of lawyers or management, once paid, disappear without giving us the money of the credit. The only way to disappear from these files is for us to pay the debt without intermediaries, since no urgent loan entity has the power to eliminate us from Financial Credit Institutions.

  • Check the security of our online data. The immediate response online credit companies have numerous security protocols designed to protect our personal and economic data that we introduce at the time of the request. Check if the page that offers quick credits is safe we ​​must pay attention to that in the bar of address of the web of the fast credits it appears No green padlock and the url of the page starts with https.

  • They offer us all the information before making the request. By law we must have all the conditions of the credit reflected in the INE before contracting the loan. It is our right to know what we are hiring before doing so, so legitimate entities will always give us the conditions before filling out any type of form.

If there is any doubt or suspicion of finding us before an illegal entity, we must cancel the application process until we verify that it is a legitimate company and, above all, never send money in advance, whatever the reason for which they request it. If we still have doubts, it is best to notify the authorities so they can carry out the investigation.

Video response: how to know if the online mini credit is safe

At the forum of Professor Moriarty many questions come from users worried about knowing if the company they want to go to and where they will ask for quick money is safe, because although requesting fast loans online with legitimate lenders is reliable, it is easy to find us online on the Internet they are fraudulent who seek their economic benefit at the cost of deceiving people who seek credit. In the following video our financing expert gives us the guidelines to be able to quickly distinguish the legitimate quick mini-credit companies:

Following these tricks explained in the video we make sure that we go to fast and legitimate fast credit companies. In case of any doubt we can always go to the ranking of the best quick credits of Professor Moriarty to know the offers of the cheapest loans according to the type, updated daily and with the security that all the entities are legitimate.

Beware of financial intermediary companies

Beware of financial intermediary companies

As we have seen in the inside section, no fast credit institution charges commissions for this type of product, the cost of quick loans are the interest that will always be paid at the end of the term along with the money requested.

From Professor Moriarty we advise against making any advance payment of any financing product, since no legitimate credit institution will never ask us to pay before.

Although this is where things get complicated, since not always we ask for money in advance is about scams, we can also find companies of financial intermediaries. These companies usually have the appearance of a lender, but they are not, they simply do a “study of our debt” and collect our data through a form on their website and then automatically fill out different applications in various mini-credit entities fast, this way we can request several credits at the same time and thus get several quick money offers at the same time.

Using an intermediary and paying for the profile study they offer does NOT guarantee that they will grant us a loan, since it will be the entity that grants us the quick money who analyzes our profile and decides definitively whether to approve or not the request. So it is NOT necessary to go to intermediaries and pay a commission to get fast loans.

How are fast personal loans reimbursed?

How are fast personal loans reimbursed?

Each type of quick credit has a form of default reimbursement adapted to its characteristics. As a general rule, fast-loan institutions make available to their clients different ways to repay their urgent loans so that they pay off the requested loan in the way that is most convenient for them:

  • Bank transfer to the entity. It is the most common opron in non-bank loans. We simply must give the money transfer order from our account to the account number indicated by the lender. This form of reimbursement is usually done in online banking, the mobile application or in our office, clearly indicating our data in the concept.

  • Fast money back in cash. It is an alternative to the faster transfer, since we directly enter the money into the lender’s account, so you will receive it instantly. The drawback of this option is that we must go to the lender’s bank office to make the refund and remember to correctly identify the payment.

  • Payment with cards. As if it were an online purchase, it will be possible to make the payment with a debit card in the lender’s own website. We will simply have to access our user and detail the payment details of the card where they indicate us for the refund.

  • Domiciliation of fees. This option is the most common in bank loans or large loans. As if it were an invoice, the amount of the monthly fee for each month will be automatically deducted in favor of the lender on the agreed date. It is important to have the capital of the installments in the account to avoid being charged without funds and going into overdraft.

Each entity will detail in the contract the form or ways in which we can make the refund. In the case of larger personal loans the most common form of repayment is the domiciliation of the monthly installments, where each month on the agreed date the amount of the fee in favor of the lender will be automatically deducted.

What do I do if I can not return the quick credits?

What do I do if I can not return the quick credits?

If we are faced with a situation where paying the loan quickly requested is not possible, the best option is to go to the lender to negotiate a new payment plan that prevents us from incurring a default and that suits our new economic situation. Virtually all entities that offer financing are open to dialogue and negotiation of new reimbursement conditions if we contact them before the default occurs.

Among the most common solutions they propose is to request an extension, that is, extend the refund period a few more days (7,14 or up to 30 additional days depending on the entity) until we can recover our economy. Although during the extension of days we will also have to pay the corresponding interest, it is a much cheaper alternative to incur a non-payment.

What happens if I do not return an urgent loan?

In the event of defaulting, the entities will apply the default protocol that will be detailed in the contract that we signed and that, therefore, we gave our consent to apply with this contingency. They usually follow the following steps:

Although these quick loans are personal, do not require a guarantee or a guarantee, we do have a responsibility and we will respond with our “present and future assets” in case of non-payment of a quick personal loan.

Necessary requirements to get money urgently

Necessary requirements to get money urgently

Depending on the type of quick credit we go to, the requirements that we must fulfill in order to access the financing will vary. Fulfilling these conditions guarantees the entity that we have a suitable profile to lend us money and that we will reimburse it without problems.

  1. Have enough regular income. A retribution of an amount that allows us to face the reimbursement of fast credit installments without problems. That we receive it monthly to be able to pay each month and that it is justifiable by means of an official document.

  2. Be of age. The minimum age for requesting fast credits will depend on each entity. This is because we must have a minimum working age and a minimum of savings, so the minimum age is usually between 21 and 25 years.

  3. Be resident in Spain permanently and have a document that certifies it as the DNI, NIE or passport. It is essential that this document is valid at the time of the request of the fast online loan. If not, we will not be able to access the credit we need.

  4. Not be registered in delinquent records. Although there are fast mini- credit entities that accept people that appear in these lists, it is an essential requirement not to appear in files such as Financial Credit Institutions or similar or have unpaid debts.

To assess if we meet the requirements and, therefore, have a valid profile to grant us the quick money we need, the entities will ask us to fill out a form with our data and ask us to send certain documents.

Documents to hire a quick credit online

The fast credits are characterized, among other advantages, by the little documentation necessary to be able to obtain them. However, we must deliver a minimum of documents so that the entity can verify that we comply with the required requirements. In general, the most requested papers are:

  • Bank statement. This document will serve so that the entity has our bank account number where to deposit the quick money, so that it verifies that we are the only holders of said account, which must match the name of the DNI, and so that it knows our monthly income and expenses to determine our economic level.

  • Proof of income. A document that shows that we enjoy a regular and sufficient remuneration such as a work contract, a bank statement, the VAT declaration…

  • Identification document. To certify that we live in Spanish territory, we are of legal age and that no one is using our name to fraudulently request our data to request credits on our behalf and leave us with debts.

Each entity may offer one or several ways to deliver the documentation. The most common thing in fast online loans is to send them via the Internet attached to the form or by email. In bank loans it is usually more common to deliver the documentation in person, although many entities will only ask us to verify our identity if we are already clients, allowing us to obtain fast loans without paperwork.

How are the forms of the fast loans online

How are the forms of the fast loans online

To begin the application for fast online loans we must start by filling out an application form. With the information provided, the entity will be able to analyze our request and assess whether we fulfill its requirements. For that reason, each form of each quick loan will depend on the data that each lender wants to review, although the vast majority chooses to request the following:

  • Quantity and term. We must choose how much fast money we need and when it is convenient to reimburse it.

  • Personal information. Name, surnames, date of birth and identity document number.

  • Contact information. Current residence address, phone number, email

  • Economic situation. Income and fixed monthly expenses, other current loans, alternative income…

  • Employment situation. Type of employment, level of studies, sector, class of contract, seniority in the company, job category…

These data will help the urgent loan entity to evaluate if we comply with the requirements and, thus, be able to decide whether or not to approve our request to obtain money. With these forms we will obtain the preapproval and after analyzing the papers that we send the final approval.

How the term affects the price of quick loans

How the term affects the price of quick loans

Although the interests, commissions and links are essential to know if a loan will be cheap or not, the term is also one of the most influential factors in determining the cost of the loan fast.

A longer term allows us to pay a lower monthly payments, allowing us to make a smaller economic effort. However, interest on a loan is generated throughout the repayment period, so a longer term will generate interest for a longer period of time. In the following table we can see more clearly how the term will make us pay more or less for our fast online loans in a credit of the same amount and interest:

Quantity € 5,000 € 5,000
Interest 7% 7%
Term 6 months 24 months
Share € 805 / month € 224 / month
Total interest generated € 102 € 373

Although in a longer term we will be able to pay a lower and more affordable quota, this will generate more interest and, therefore, we end up paying more for the same credit. In these cases we must look for the highest quota that we can afford to pay without unbalancing our economy, so we will pay the minimum in interest.

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