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I tried again using this famous HOTEL HELL located in Chiba. The customs in Chiba used only Deriher, but I tried to receive Hoteruel’s service for the first time last week. This was quite interesting and I thought that I would like to use this customs again one more time, so that wish may have come true.

Chiba’s Hotheeru was still polite as it was polite and made the girl headed soon, and I was happy that I could interact with her with great service. Even handsome and blowjob acts that can be done by amateurs also do not go hand-in-handedly, since they deal with sincerity and sincerity, they will save time and effort saved. After finishing the soft processing to a certain extent, I pierced the ladybird by fucking, but I feel I did not spit a lot of semen at this time.

I was able to play this much and the usage fee is also cheap, so I could understand why Hoteha was popular. Because it is cheap, it can be said that it is hard to say that you do not have to worry about money.
« There is a sister in the local customs · · ·.Chiba’s Hote-he is a good feeling »
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