Without consulting, with restriction and dirty name, I get loan?

Without consultation, with restriction and dirty name – I get loan?

Without consultation, with restriction and dirty name - I get loan?

Without consulting, with restriction and dirty name… the crisis in the Brazilian economy affected thousands of families, this may be the case. The good news is that there seems to be signs that the crisis is slowly returning. However, it is a fact that because of financial insolvency problems, the number of people with the dirty name in the SPC and Desap has been growing frighteningly in recent years due to non-compliance with financial commitments.

Debts acquired through credit, financing and personal loans are certainly the first to be left behind when the need for money speaks louder. Then comes the late payment of bills such as credit cards, bills and subsequently rent and consumption bills such as TV, telephone, water and electricity. Not to mention the rate of unemployment and flat wages. Everything has collaborated to increase the cost of living, interest on loans, inflation etc… but, it takes credit to pay and get rid of debts otherwise the name will get dirty in the SPC, Desap, check no funds and notices etc.

For those who are having problems with debt or little money there is no need to despair, there are many solutions that can help with the loan of financial resources. According to a survey by the IPA, the biggest problem for people is that they get debts higher than the monthly income received monthly, and this causes a lack of control in finances that could generate discomfort with the generation of overdue accounts and mainly the increase in default.

I got the dirty name on the square! And now?

Pay your debts! What is the doubt? But before that, if you are going to take out a personal loan without getting into trouble, you certainly already know that many online fintechs, financial institutions and financial institutions will consult your credit history on the protection bodies, and if there are negative entries, ie dirty name, they deny doing business with you. Making financed purchases or acquiring property financing is practically impossible.

But, all is not lost, with just a few clicks you will be able to find several stores that offer personal loan arrangements available without consultation, restricted loan or dirty name credit. That’s right, it is already possible to make a loan with negative and dirty name in SPC and Desap.

Currently researching on the internet can be an asset in case you do not get loan with your bank, many financiers are offering financing and loan to negatives, the goal is to lose this despite being an operation without consulting. Both the credit card without consultation and restriction, and the loan with dirty name does not differ from the other modality, in general it is necessary to present only proof of residence, general registration (ID or CNH), CPF and an updated proof of income, may also request bank statements for the last 6 months.

Type of Mode Term loan Interest applied
Foil Consigned 06 to 96 months 1.15% to 3%
Financial 03 to 24 months 15% to 32%
Cooperatives 06 to 36 months up to 2.90%
Professional Moneylenders 30 to 30 days 5% to 30%
Pawn of the Box 30, 60, 90 to 180 days 2% to 2.45%
With Relatives and Relatives 0 to 12 months or to Combine 0% to 10% or when combining

* information subject to confirmation

Advantages of Unsecured Loan

Of course in an emergency, the loan without consulting has its advantages. You need to borrow money, research, that’s the key word and, stay tuned for example in the loans promotions of the financial crefisa, there are other financial online. Analyze and see which offers the best advantages so that you can regularize your finances and your financial life.

No query, with restriction and dirty name

When we speak of without consulting, with restriction and dirty name we are usually relating to online consignment loans offered massively for retirees and pensioners, military of all forces, wage earners in general and public servants. Do you already know the loans on benefit and payslip for employees? Well, among the advantages that these companies or banks offer, we highlight:

  • Plots discounted in the net or account
  • Installment within the term greater than 03 to 96 months
  • Loan made available for NEGATIVES and without assignable margin
  • Release for employees with more than 01 year of registration
  • Without consultation with the protection bodies SPC and Desap etc…
  • Cash on hand between 1 and 3 days

Negative Employee Loan

To borrow for negative employees from private companies, to get the money borrowed, you must have a professional portfolio record of at least 1 year. There are other assessments such as the value of the salary, whether it receives in checking account or has savings in the agreed banks etc.

Caring for the loan without consultation

Beware of negative loan offers is essential not to have your identity fraudulent beyond financial loss. Find out deeply when a company offers easy online personal loan, no bureaucracy loan and with the release of money on time. There are many scammers and fraudsters scattered all over the web. Stay tuned!

– Make sure the company offers you with real rates and loan terms
– Check if the financial has a fixed commercial phone or is a mobile phone for contact
– Confirm that the CNPJ is actually of the company, if it informs the Bank that it represents
– Never make deposits or anticipate amounts or fees before receiving your loan
– Refuse to make advance payments under any pretext
– Prefer to visit the company in person if possible, investigate through commercial neighbors
– Analyze if interest rates are too low and avoid negotiating with those who charge high rates

Attention: When making a loan with restriction on the name or without consulting the CPF and Score always look for companies known in the market. By doing so, you lessen the chances of doing a lousy deal.

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